Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1950, the future

what people of 1925 envisioned for the cities in 1950
good thing they didn't follow through.. looks kind of scary

dont really care if anyone likes this, i think its funny


Big Daddy said...

Love how all your posts have such a specific mood to them. The last post is really good.
Love this image, but your right its totally scarry.

Anna Katrina said...

hahaha i agree it is funny

stop by sometime <3

Natalie said...

this is soooo cooool, but what does the bottom right label say? ive been trying to figure it out.

thanks for the lovley comment :)



tiana said...

it says freight tubes.. if you click it you can see it bigger!

lauren carney said...

oh dolly,
these are some rather fancy snapshots!
i enjoy gazing lovingly upon them!
thanks for sharing!
your blog is splendid! x x

emily said...

haha i like this! it's funny and interesting, although i agree i'm glad they didn't pull through with this one.

Galit said...

Oh this is awesome!!
Where did you find it? Such a gem!
I don't find it scary but more.. hmmm... naive? not sure it's the word I'm looking for.
The thing is, we always afraid from the future and imagine it in such creative and visionary way, but the future comes in very slow phase and is not so different from the present. At least not in the way sci-fi and the such invent it.
I really like it! :)

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