Saturday, July 17, 2010

ryan mcginley

easily in my top 3 favorite photographers
i love his bold, carefree style


Twee + Kz said...

wow~!these photos are amazing~!!the first one is breath taking!!!thanks so much for sharing =)

Ezzentric Topz

Stace said...

these are fantastic!
love how they're sorta wild and imperfect in a good way x

Constance said...


liana said...

oh me too! i love his stuff so much...esp those nude ones rolling down the sandhills and stuff ;)


sally said...

i liked these photos so i went to the website you linked.

alll i can say is, wow! i like him now too :):)

thanks always for your sweet comments <3 said...

Amazing Pictures!!!
Thankx for following my blog!!

ponyhunter said...

wow, so amazing and otherworldly!

Sixtine Baudelaire said...

photos are so wonderful *O*
OMFG, i love them !
i hope you'll like my new article! Sixtine <3

jennaforjethro said...

Hey Tiana,
Wow, thank you so much for introducing me to Ryan McGinley, he does have amazing work. I also looove your photos, I had a look at your flickr and you're very talented. Only wish you didn't live in the US otherwise we could have collaborated and experimented on a project together :) Look forward to seeing more of your work. xx much love

HartBOY. said...


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